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Professional Year

A Professional Year (PY) in Information Technology (IT) and Accounting is a structured professional development program designed to enhance the employability of international students who have graduated from Australian universities in IT and Accounting related fields. It provides participants with practical skills and workplace experience necessary for a successful career in the IT industry and Accounting industry in Australia.

Skill enhancement and employability: The Professional Year program focuses on enhancing the skills and employability of international graduates in specific industries, such as IT. It provides participants with industry-specific training, practical experience through internships, and professional development workshops.

Networking and industry connections: The program offers valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals, experts, and potential employers. Through workshops, seminars, networking events, and the internship component, participants can expand their professional network and establish connections in their desired industry.

Last but not the least!

Pathway to permanent residency: Completion of a Professional Year program can provide additional 5 points towards permanent residency in countries like Australia.

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We are proudly partner with one of the reputation education Institute of Australia. ATMC offers Accounting PYP and ACS PYP. The program helps them fulfill the requirements for skilled migration by acquiring relevant work experience, improving language skills, and demonstrating their commitment to professional development.

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